A word to Staff

God has brought his kingdom people to the U of I to work in all sorts of key positions. U of I staff and administrators are crucial to the well-being and flourishing of the University of Illinois.

Here are some important questions we seek to address in various ways in community together.

  • What does it mean to integrate our faith, learning and practice?  What does this look like in practice?  How can we help one another do this in our various roles and callings at the U of I?  What competes with our ultimate loyalty and loves (each of us needs to revisit this particular issue often)?
  • What role does Christian community on campus play in our spiritual formation, the integration of faith and academic and/or administrative callings, and on our outreach to those around us?
  • How best can we be salt and light here at the U of I?  How can we help our colleagues and friends discover or re-discover the Lord Jesus Christ and enter into his kingship?  How can we serve the university in ways that express the love of Christ?
  • How is it that we can put Christ and his kingship first in our lives?  What are the practices and disciplines that help us keep focused on Christ and grow deeply in him? How can we help one another also not lose an outward focus?

These and other questions must constantly be revisited as Christians at the university.  What better place to address these questions than with Christian colleagues on campus!

The “Staff” in Illini Christian Faculty and Staff thus serve a vital role at the U of I.

ICFS seeks to bring together God’s people who work and teach and research and serve in a myriad of ways. All the more so, because there are new staff members arriving each year, and many of them are Christian. Let’s all work hard to find one another and help one another to follow Christ at the U of I.